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Fun Learning with your Kids this School Holiday

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Studies have shown that parents spending quality time with their kids, including learning alongside with them, is extremely beneficial in their long-term development. They tend to exhibit traits like having better communication skills, the ability to empathize and being healthier physically and mentally.

Unfortunately, between our kids’ school and our own work and duties, it can be hard for us to figure out how to spend quality recreational time with our kids. The school holidays provide an excellent opportunity for doing just that. Here are four excellent fun learning activities you should do with your children so that they have their most memorable vacations ever!

1. Learn a new skill with them

While the school year curriculum is extremely engaging and vital for children to learn, sometimes it can have a massive oversight in teaching kids why they should learn. So, this vacation, learn a skill with your children so they can stretch their intellectual muscles and realize how fun learning can be.

This skill can be anything from teaching them a musical instrument, or a sport or even developing a habit like reading. Encourage your children and participate in their learning to inspire them to learn new skills so that they may develop and enrich themselves.

2. Fun quizzes during family vacation

Family vacations have always been one of the best ways to spend quality time with children. Taking a break from your responsibilities and planning a brief get-away to a new environment is an amazing opportunity to energize yourselves and deepen your family bonds.

New locations provide kids with new experiences and a fresh new perspective. You and your kids have the opportunity to learn about the culture, geography, food and many things during vacations. Why not have quizzes with them on the sights and experience?

Before you embark on your fun journey, remember to purchase travel insurance to protect yourself and your children.

3. Include them in your chores

This might be the easiest and most effective way to spend quality time with your kids. Chores such as buying groceries and cleaning are often an integral part of our lives which can also be a source of learning for our kids.

Getting the kids actively involved in these chores can help spur their inquisitive nature. Explaining to them the nature and importance of each task can help them understand some of the complexities of the world. Not to mention getting them hands on will develop responsibility and independence.

4. Acquaint them to the outdoors

In our technologically dominated world, kids and adults are spending less time around nature. This is unfortunate because there are numerous studies which rave about the benefits of involvement in nature; both for the development of children and adults. Studies indicate that just taking a 10-minute walk through nature can energize and sharpen the focus of individuals.

So, take this year-end holiday as an opportunity to get your kids properly acquainted with the outdoors! Explore the many parks we have and immerse in the sights and sounds. Consider picking up 3 to 5 items you see and talk about their usefulness or impact to our environment.

Hope these tips will help make your kids’ vacation fun and meaningful!

Article by Afeligroup dated 22. 11. 2022

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