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We believe in harnessing technology to enhance employee engagement and empower HR teams with analytics and self-help functions.


Greater efficiency is achieved through digitalization of processes in our web-based and mobile-responsive platform.


Benefit Enrolment & Flex Administration

Our web-based and mobile-responsive platform supports your Flexible Benefits program and enhances engagement with employees:

       Easily configured to your requirements

       User-friendly interface


       Ease of benefit selection or enrolment

       Faster flexible benefits claim processing

       In-portal communication with employees

Insurance Medical Claims

Automating insurance claim submission is the first step to a faster claim processing turnaround time.


Our platform allows easy claims submission and status tracking. The in-portal communication tools will keep your employees informed of claims status and support their enquiries.


Work Injury Claim

Recognizing the challenges in managing Work Injury claims, we have innovatively addressed them through our technology.


Our platform provides a simpler and organized way of submitting the various types of Work Injury claims and tracking their status.

HR Portal

We empower HR teams by developing these features:

      Up-to-date dashboard analytics and report


      Upload employee data directly 


      Easy access to Insurance policies and invoices 

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