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Business Insurance

Unforeseen events that cause sudden and significant losses can happen to any businesses and can potentially lead to financial insolvency. As such, it is important for businesses regardless of size to protect against these risks.

Various types of Business Insurance are available to cover replacement or cost of reinstatement of property damage, loss of income and compensation and defense legal cost to third party claim against your business.

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Below is some common types of Business Insurance:

  • If you have an office or retail space, the landlord will usually require you to get Public Liability Insurance. Usually, it is part of the tenancy agreement.

  • If you have done any renovation to your office or retail space and you have office/retail equipment, you can protect your renovation & equipment for any unforeseen damages or losses under All Risk Insurance.

  • For any businesses or individuals who charge a fee for a service, any wrongful act can mean significant loss to your clients. Your clients can claim such losses from you. Professional Indemnity Insurance will cover both the legal fees and compensation arising from the wrongful acts made against you. Professionals like doctors, lawyers, accountants, architects, financial advisers etc. would require Professional Indemnity Insurance as part of their license to practise.

  • Being a company director or officer, you can be sued for any wrongful acts by third parties like shareholders or clients, whether these wrongful acts are a result of your own action or actions of any of your co-directors or officers. Directors & Officers insurance cover defence costs and damages arising out of wrongful acts, allegations and lawsuits brought against the company’s directors and/or officers.

Contact us to better understand your risk exposure and what business insurance you need to protect your risks.

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